La Biennale di Venezia
Exhibition Palazzo Mora 2023
May 23 - November 23


Contemporary architectural discourse related to sustainability and climate change often sees wood as an everlasting resource. As a renewable and favored substitute material, it is in greater demand than ever, and not exclusively in the building industry. Yet, looking at Europe, we are forced to acknowledge that our forest stock can no longer meet the market-driven demand and, especially overcome the issues of the climate crisis. Direct effects on the forests, such as extensive deforestation, droughts, or parasites, cause environmental damage. Other factors such as gas emissions due to long transport distances during export further adversely affect the environment.

Simple construction with wood in rural areas is one of the main topics at Coburg University of Applied Sciences.The aim is to implement timber construction in the tradition of craftsmanship using locally available wood and simple fasteners without having to transport industrially manufactured materials long distances and then dispose of them as hazardous waste after their life cycle due to their bonding. The connections should be easy to create and also to undo without the need for computer-controlled joinery machines, which only a few companies can afford.Through skilful use of digital possibilities in planning and preparation, complex tasks and projects can be implemented, also and especially in existing building structures, with the help of simple carpentry methods, which can also be provided by small and medium-sized timber constructors in rural areas.

 La Biennale di Venezia - Exhibition Palazzo Mora -  May 23 - November 23 La Biennale di Venezia  Exhibition Palazzo Mora   May 23 - November 23